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LTOP 301

Speed Gate Turnstiles
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Used in spaces like the banks or corporate headquarterswhere aesthetic excellence is a priority to impress thevisitors. The architects and interior designers havemany options to customize this model and create arich and opulent look. Among the decorative materialsthat can be used to transform this model into a visualmasterpiece are marble and granite as well as leatherand all kinds of wood finish including wallnut, oak, andolive. Operation LTOP optical turnstiles form a corridor.

In the middle ofthis corridor, there’s a wing obstacle made up of glassor plexiglass. When the visitors have their cards readby the card reader, the wing opens. While the visitorsare passing through the gate, if another person wantsto take advantage of the open turnstile and tailgatebehind the first visitor, the obstacle closes and blocksthe passage immediately and sets off the alarm.However, if the sudden closure of the wing has thepotential to harm an individual, it does not close but thealarm continues to alert the security.

Controlled or control-free entrance/exit in both directions.

AISI 304 quality stainless steel. Optional: Black stainless steel.

With high glass, linear winged 10 mm tempered glass. Height: 170 cm.
Optional: Smoke colored glass. Height: 130 cm / 150 cm

1O mm black tempered glass. Optional: Wood.

Works bidirectionally and allows the passage of a single person only with its microprocessor control. Electronic passage memory feature saves in memory card swipes that occur before a passage is completed and allows them to pass without closing the wings. Optional: 2 x RS232 and 1 x RS485 communication ports.

With its adjustable mechanical torque control, the unit does not cause injury in the event of any jamming.

8 reciprocal sensors in every corridor.

Turnstile switches to emergency mode upon the receipt of a signal from fire detection system and wings open. Optional: In case of power shortage, wings automatically switch to open position with the power supplied from the accumulator (Fail Safe).

With 4 security levels that can be defined as desired by the customer, turnstile is able to detect unauthorized passes and passes in the opposite direction and prevents or notifies, with audio or discreetly.

Led lighting around the top plate and transition leds.

100-230 VAC. 47-60 Hz

120W during passage, 10W during standby (For two wings).

~40 persons / minute.

~148 kg (Single wing)

High Security.

Suitable for indoor use.

Logo engraving. Sticker. Remote control unit. Stainless steel reader apparatus. Meter. Button control unit. Stainless steel reader leg. Stainless steel bottom plate.